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Friday, 16 December 2011

Psoriasis : Help For The Lot Suffered


According to modern medical science the causes of psoriasis are unknown .But the following factors can trigger psoriasis. Psoriasis is a prolonged inflammation of skin. The causes of psoriasis are still unclear. This condition is neither infectious (Do not spread from one person to another) nor does it affect the general health. It affects both the genders and may start at any age. Psoriasis is quite common, affecting around two per cent of the population, although people with very mild symptoms may not be aware they have it. Psoriasis can begin at any age but usually starts either around the age of 20 or between 50 and 60.

Causes of Psoriasis Heredity - If one parent is affected then there is 15% of chances for the child to suffer from psoriasis. If both the parents are affected then the possibility of child getting the psoriasis is 60%. Throat infections trigger psoriasis. Some medicines or skin irritants initiate psoriasis. Smoking and alcohol are other two factors which activate psoriasis. Mental stress or psychological trauma may also set off psoriasis. Trauma or hurt on skin like cuts, bruises or burns may cause psoriasis.

                               Changes that occur on skin during psoriasis

It takes 27 days for skin to replace itself with new mature skin cells. But the regions of skin affected by psoriasis the skin replace itself within 3-4 days with plenty of immature skin cells forming thick psoriatic patches.

What does ayurveda say about psoriasis?Psoriasis is caused by vitiation of vata and kapha dosha. The vitiated doshas affect the skin and blood tissues. They also influence water element of the affected region on skin. Thus the skin which is influenced by affected doshas becomes discolored (white or copper colored), scaly and thin.

Causes of vitiation of Doshas:
 * Consuming opposite foods. * Controlling natural urges.
 * Exposure to severe climatic conditions.
 * Consuming food that is too salty, too sour and/or too heavy for digestion.
 * Sleeping during the afternoon.
 * Taking bath in cold water immediately after physical exertion.
 * Mental stress. According to ayurveda principles the vitiated vata dries the water element of skin  and also initiate rapid growth of skin tissue. The vitiated Kapha dosha causes itching on the affected skin. The blood which is affected by vata and kapha adversely influences healing process.

Self-care for Psoriasis

 * Avoid all factors which trigger psoriasis.
 * Reduce stress levels through meditation and Yoga .
 * Do not prick, peel or scratch skin. This may trigger psoriasis.
 * After bath or wash pat dry the skin. Do not rub the towel vigorously on skin.
 * Avoid soap. Instead use gram flour (besan flour) as soap dries the skin.
 * After washing, pat the skin dry, don't irritate it by rubbing vigorously.
 * Apply moisturizing creams liberally on affected areas after.
 * Opt for cotton clothes over synthetic ones.

Ayurvedic tips for Psoriasis

 * Avoid consuming opposite foods.
 * Do not control natural urges like vomiting, urination, bowel emptying etc.
 * Do not take cold water bath immediately after a heavy work out, traveling, a long walk etc.
 * Take care not to consume foods which cause indigestion.
 * Absolutely do not eat too much of salty, sour or acidic foods.
 * Avoid sleeping in afternoons.
 * Say no to radish, urad dal, sesame, jaggery (gur), curds, fish and other sour foods.
 * Always apply besan flour or herbal scrub instead of soap.
 * Smear herbal cream which is infused with vata and kapha balancing herbs.
 * Keep on applying moisturizing gel or cream continuously to maintain the moisture levels of skin.

Effective Treatment For Psoriasis :
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Thursday, 15 December 2011

One Massage A Day

You don't need a full-body rubdown to feel good.Study from Sweden says, one 80-minute hand-and-foot massage significantly lowered heart rates, cortisol levels and insulin levels-all of which help lower stress.
Not only can massage helps relieve stress and tension, but it's also has been shown to relieve neck and back pain, reduce heart rate and high blood pressure and improve athletic performance According to a Study in the Clinical Journal of Pain, people with chronic neck pain reported a 55% improvement after a neck massage a week for ten weeks.
Untreated and persistent stress, tense muscles and even a lack of relaxation can wear a persons body down mentally and physically. Fortunately, these symptoms of time-constraints can be eased with even a single massage.
For People who suffer from persistent back pain, a meta-analysis in the journal Spine noted that common massage techniques can help you relax and trigger an endorphin release that raises your threshold for pain.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stress Reliving Techniques

Toe tensing:
Lie on your back and take three deep breaths. While exhaling, take out all negative thoughts through your mouth and then inhale all the positivity around. Make yourself completely comfortable and gradually close your eyes. With eyes shut, focus your attention on your toes; feel or sense your toes. After sensing them, pull all 10 toes towards your face slowly, and countdown from 10 to 0 very silently. During this action, breathing should be soothing and gentle. Relax your toes and count to 10. Then repeat this cycle five times.
Deep breathing:
With the correct breathing technique, you can develop the full use of your lungs and get in touch with the body’s natural breathing rhythms. For this technique: Lie on your back with your knees bent. People suffering from knee pain can keep their legs straight. Place your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your abdomen. Take a deep breath and fill up your lungs. Your left hand goes up when you inhale, while the right hand remains in the same position on your chest. Exhale slowly through your mouth gently and quietly. You should be able to hear the gentle ‘whooshing’ sound of your breathing. Follow this breathing technique for at least five minutes or till you complete at least 10 cycles.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Boost Male Fertility With Fruits & Vegetables

Pomegranate contains a huge amount of antioxidants which help prevent damage against sperms that leads them to becoming sluggish and losing the ability to fertilize an egg. Drinking pomegranate juice also increases the sperm count as well as fight against erectile dysfunction.

Fruits and Vegetables:
There are many other fruits and vegetables that can increase you chances of preventing fertility. An apple a day is said to keep the sperm count increasing. Another fruit banana is known as a "sexual super food" since it is a rich source of protein, magnesium, Vitamin A, B1 and C. Tomatoes are said to contain an antioxidant called carotenoid lycopene which helps in increasing the sperm count since men struggling with infertility generally have low lycopene levels in the body.

Pumpkin Seeds:
Pumpkin seeds contain a good dose of zinc which is said to increase the sperm count. They also contain essential fatty acids like Omega-3 which enhance the blood flow to sexual organs. Other good sources of Omega-3 acids are almonds, sardines, salmon and flaxseed.

Asparagus is one food that has been celebrated since the medieval ages for its ability to rev up the sexual drive in both men and women. In fact, asparagus was used by people of medieval ages to treat infertility. It contains Vitamin C which aids in raising your testosterone and sperm count.

Benifits of Tea

Black Tea to Prevent Diabetes
Studies show the polysaccharides in black tea have glucose-inhibiting properties – meaning that black tea can help to prevent diabetes. It also has more caffeine than other teas.

White Tea to Prevent Colon Cancer
White tea is less processed than other forms of tea, therefore the polyphenols, a type of antioxidant, are extra potent. Research indicates that these benefits may protect against colon cancer, among other cancers.

Green Tea to Prevent Alzheimer’s
Green tea creates chemicals during digestion that work against the key triggers of Alzheimer’s. Studies show that drinking green tea may potentially prevent the onset or slow the progression of dementia.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Guggulu Benifits

Guggul Benefits

Relieving pain and swelling: Guggulu is very often used as an anti inflammatory and pain relieving herb by Indian herbal doctors. It has been very dominantly used in arthritic pains. It helps in relieving pain and swelling. So in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, sciatica, paralysis, osteoarthritis, hemiplegia, lymphadenopathy etc.
Blood Purifier: Guggulu acts as blood purifier and hence widely used in skin diseases. It promotes the production of red blood corpuscles (RBC) and improves the action of white blood corpuscles (WBC), which are helpful in fighting against any kind of infections. Effective results are seen in leprosy and eczema.
Improving Immune System: Guggulu is also known for improving our immune system. Considered as an antibiotic, it is used in infectious diseases.
Guggul Lipids for Lowering Cholesterol: One of the main uses of guggul is in problems related to heart. It has been reported by doctors that by regular use of guggulu, there has been significant lowering in blood cholesterol levels. Guggul helps in maintaining LDL and HDL levels in blood in normal limits. It helps in blood pressure levels.
Fat Loss: Guggul is rich in guggulosterones which help to regularize the fat metabolism, its assimilation and deposition in fatty tisues. It helps to burn extra fats from the body and reduce weight naturally.
Strengthening our digestive system: Guggul helps in easy secretions of digestive juices, works as appetizer, avoids indigestion and constipation. It helps in overall strengthening our digestive system.
Helpful in cough problem: Guggulu is also seen helpful in upper respiratory tract infection. It works as expectorant by helping in suppressing kapha dosha, which cause wet cough. Benefits are also seen in asthmatic conditions. Gargles done by guggulu water (guggulu dissolved in water) have been widely used in tonsillitis, upper respiratory tract infection, throat irritation, mouth ulcers, pharyngitis and stomatitis.
Solving Menstrual Problem: Menstrual disturbances and stomach cramps or pain faced by many women can be solved by guggulu. It gives wonderful results.
Improving Men's Sexual Ability: It has been seen that by regular usage of guggulu helps in improving sexual ability and sperm count. It also helps in improving sperm quality.
Improving overall health: Guggulu also works as rasayan. It can be used in promoting youthnesss with longitivity. This is the reason it is the part of well-known rasayan known as Chawanprash.

Yoghurt Benifits

Home remedies using curd—>>>

* Dandruff is a known cause of hair loss. Applying sour curd as a pack to scalp and hair , once in a week prevents formation of dandruff.
* Mix moong dal (green gram) powder with curd and massage it to scalp and brush it on hair. Wash it off after 1 hour. This helps to prevent hair loss and dandruff. It also helps to increase hair growth.
* Dry orange peel in summer and powder it. Mix this powder with little curds massage it on face and neck. This acts as an excellent cleanser and cleanses clogged pores thus preventing acne and pimples.
* Curds when mixed with sugar acts as an excellent body coolant and instant energizer. It also quenches thirst.
* A mixture of besan (gram flour) is an excellent pack to rejuvenate facial skin and body skin.
* Lactose in milk is converted by Yogurt’s bacteria into lactic acid which helps digest lactose or dairy products.
* The lactic acid of yoghurt is a perfect medium to maximize calcium absorption.
* As a curative in intestinal disorder
* Since curd is more easily digested than milk,(depends on individual’s digestive fire) it is given during stomach and intestinal disorders. The lactic acid bacteria present in the curd acts as a scavenger and creates a healthy environment in the intestine.
* Your bowel’s best friend
* Curd flushes out the toxic matter, which overloads the bowels.
* If one does not consume curd, the individual may suffer not only from intestinal disorders, but also many bowel disorders especially diarrhoea and gastroenteritis because curd cures all the above disorders.
* Good for treating ulcers

Calcium is very essential for the healing of ulcers. Since the absorption of calcium is double with the curd consumption as compared to the milk, is gives much relief from the pain and discomfort due to ulcers. Therefore, curd has anti-ulcer property and it is an excellent remedy when even there is a stomach irritation. In an hour only 32 per cent of the raw milk is digested as against 91 per cent of the curd. The lactic acid content in the curd helps in the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus. Moreover, some individuals may show intolerance to milk called “lactose intolerance”, but they show tolerance to curd.

* For mental health

Curd cures migraine and the biotin, a vitamin present in the curd is very important for mental health.

* As a cosmetic

When applied to the face, it cures acne. Curd is also applied as a face pack to prevent wrinkles. Down the ages, women have used the curd to soften their skin. The recent breakthrough in skin care is the discovery of AHA’S – Alpha Hydroxy Acids by an American dermatologist. AHA’S are fruit acids derived from milk and the fruits. One of the AHA’S is the lactic acid found in the curd. Hence curd can make a very good base ingredient for face packs to keep the wrinkles at bay.

* Curd is a good hair conditioner.

It provides good nourishment to hair and add a healthier look to the hair. Research indicates that the lactic acid bacteria present in the curd manufactures some anti-grey hair vitamins and also produces the vitamins which helps to stimulate the hair growth.


The Vata Dosha is made up of the elements ether and air. The qualities of ether and air are cold, light, dry, unstable, and mobile. When our physical body is made up of mostly ether and air (Vata) it looks like this:

* Long, thin bones or very short, thin bones
* Kinky, curly hair or course hair that’s dark in color
* Long, oval shaped face
* Thin, dry skin
* Small, thin lips
* Crooked, gray teeth
* Hard to gain weight
* If they do gain weight it is usually around the stomach area
* Small breasts
* Small appetites
* Fast talker that jumps from subject to subject
* General coldness in the body
* Early wrinkles

Personality characteristics include:

* Artist or highly creative individual
* Likes to be the centre of attention
* Loves to travel

Prefers warm, moist climates
Most diseases of the western world stem from having too much Vata (ether and air) in our bodies. This is because Vata increases as we age and we do many activities that create air in the body without balancing it out. Some ways of creating Vata in our bodies are:

* Travel
* Watching television
* Computer work
* Eating on the go
* Eating too fast

When Vata goes out of balance in the body meaning that the ether and air qualities within the body are high than you see:

* Insomnia
* Dry skin
* Worry, anxiety and fear
* Constipation
* Scattered mind
* Forgetfulness
* Hair that falls out
* Painful joints
* You feel spacey
* Tremors or uncontrollable shaking
* Cold hands and feet
* Loss of appetite

Long term illness related to high Vata includes Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. You can treat any or all of the above out of balance conditions using Ayurveda. Ayurveda uses qualities that are opposite to the qualities of the elements. For example ether and air have the qualities of cold, light, dry and mobile. Ayurveda treats someone with too much of these qualities using heat, heavy, moist and stable treatments. Ayurveda uses only natural ways of balancing the body. When you treat naturally you create harmony within the body and the condition goes away without coming back. Once harmony is within the body you will not need to continue to take a medicine to keep the condition away. Simply through adjusting diet and lifestyle you can take care of most Vata conditions.

The Pitta Dosha is made up of fire and water. The qualities of Pitta are hot, light, dry, unstable and mobile. When our physical body is made up mostly of fire and water (Pitta) it looks like this:

* Medium thickness bones
* Medium thickness skin
* Angular face
* Medium size lips
* Straight hair of blond or red in color
* Yellowing teeth
* Easy to gain weight and easy to lose
* Big appetite
* Medium to full breasts
* Very direct with their talking and answers
* Red flushed face
* Generally hot in body temperature

Personality characteristics include:

* Workaholic
* Addictive personality
* Tends to criticize others
* Competitive
* Thrill seeker
* May be an overachiever and perfectionist

Prefers cool, moist climates.
Common diseases stemming from Pitta have to do with their fiery nature. They tend to like hot spicy foods when they are out of balance and tend to shy away from them when they are in balance. They are extremist in what they do and love to get a thrill. Some ways of creating Pitta in our bodies are

* Eating spicy foods
* Spending too much time in the sun
* Alcohol
* Salt or salty foods

When Pitta goes out of balance in the body, meaning the fire and water qualities are too high than we see:

* Anger
* Irritable
* Overly critical
* Flushed face (hot headed)
* High blood pressure
* Heart disease
* Diarrhea
* Heart attack
* Irritable bowel syndrome
* Infection
* Mucous of yellow or green
* Skin rashes
* Red eyes

Long-term illness related to Pitta include stroke and heart problems.

Ayurveda treats Pitta through qualities of cold, heavy, moist and stable which are the opposites of Pitta. Ayurveda will use foods and lifestyle to bring in these qualities to balance the body.

Kapha is made up of water and earth and is the most stable of the three Doshas. The qualities of Kapha are cold, heavy and stable. When your body is made up of mostly water and earth your physical characteristics will include:

* Round face
* Big round eyes
* Thick, wavy hair
* Big, full lips
* Thick skin
* Short thick bones or long, thick bones
* Very hairy body
* Short square hands with short fingers
* Easy to gain weight and hard to lose

Personality characteristics include:

* A very loving heart
* Quick to laugh
* Quick to cry
* Takes a long time to make decisions
* Once decision is made will not change it
* Stubborn
* Committed to family and close friends
* Doesn’t like to venture too far from home

When Kapha goes out of balance in the body, meaning that water and earth elements are too much, it shows signs of:

* Depression
* Obesity
* Accumulation of things
* Congestion in the body
* Diabetes type 2
* Strong desire for sweet taste

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Dates of Swaranaprashana for Year 2012.

" Swarna Prashana - For Children"

Benefits of Swarnaprashana :-
Improves Intelligence.
Improves Immunity .
Prevents Fungal , Bacterial & viral Infections .
Digestive Power .
Physical Strength .

Dates of Swaranaprashana for Year 2012.

14 December 2011 … Wednesday …

10 January 2012 - Tuesday …

7 February 2012 - Tuesday …

5 March 2012 - Monday …

1 April 2012 - Sunday …

29 April 2012 - Sunday …

26 May 2012 - Saturday …

22 June 2012 - Friday …

19 July 2012 - Thursday …

16 August 2012 - Thursday …

12 September 2012 - Wednesday …

10 October 2012 - Wednesday …

6 November 2012 - Tuesday …

3 December 2012 - Monday …

30 December 2012 - Sunday …

Benifits Of Keshini

Benefits :

Improves eyesight.

Relieves emptiness of head.

Sharpens the five senses.

Refreshes the memory.

Reduces clearness of the brain and eyes.

Induces sound sleep.

Bestows pleasing appearance.

Strengthens the skin and roots of hair.

Removes burning sensations and puritus, psychic disorders will be cured.

Benifits Of Sarvanga Abhyangam ( Ayurvedic Full Body Massage )

Sarvanga Abhyanga (Ayurveda Full Body Massage)

- This procedure helps in relaxation of the body.
- Improves blood circulation.
- Tones up the muscles.
- Mobilizes toxins.
- Relieves pain , body ache , arthritis.
- Pacifies aggravated diseases of Vata (neurological disorders).
- Gives strength to the body.
- Induces sleep.
- Delay ageing.
- Sharpens eyesight.
- Provides flexibility of joints.
- This is very important for the maintenance of health in the healthy person .