Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ayurvedic Food And Benifits :-

• Broken Wheat Upma: A low calorie nourishment that acts as tridosha shamaka (balances the doshas), vibhada hara (relieves constipation) and Balya (helps in tissue building).

• Neer Dosa & Wheat Dosa: Indian styled pancakes with natural herbs. Crispy to eat and easy to prepare, it functions as a vriddhi (an immunity booster).

• Chitranna: An unfussy yet tasty preparation of rice and fresh lemon juice that is sheetala (coolant for stomach), agnideepaka (appetizer), Varnya (complexion) and improves eye-sight as its rich in Vitamin C).

• Veggie Pulao: A Nawabi (luscious) preparation of rice and fresh vegetables with lot of flavors and spices, considered (Aadharsha Bhojana) one wholesome meal.

• Masala Bindi: Okra seasoned with aromatic Indian spices; it’s a medhya (brain tonic), loaded with iron supplement and is helpful in curing sandhi roga (joint disorders) and sciatica.

• Moong Bean Curry: A cool spicy curry that’s high in protein content and is chakshushya, keshya and varnya (beneficial for eyes, hairs and skin respectively).

• Capsicum/Mushroom/Bitter Guard Curry: Yummy gravy with generous supplement of either Capsicum (rich in iron content, helps relieve pain and improves blood circulation)/Mushroom (high in vitamin and fiber contents, helps cure headaches, mental disorders and is anti-cancerous in nature)/Bitter Guard (a ‘wonder veggie’ with a plethora of healing properties).

• Kosambari: Traditional Indian salad with a nutritional blend of grams, vegetables and herbs.

• Carrot Kheer: Heavenly sweetened carrot drink cooked in milk with a hint of aromatic spices and garnished dry fruits, is high in vitamin content, an antioxidant and exclusively rich in Beta carotin.

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