Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Foods To Be Avoided By Psoriasis Patients :-


1 . All Bakery items.
2 . Common Salt  [ Rock salt can be taken in lesser quantity with Dr permission. ]
3 . Fermented foods [ Rava Idli , Freshly made Butter milk with Dr permission .]
4 . All non- veg items [ boiled eggs , fishRava Idli with Dr permission .]
5. Bajra flour , ragi [ Nachni flour with Dr permission .]
6. No fried food.
7. Potatos , Jawar, Brinjals ,Methi .
8. Red chillies, Chilli powder ,garam masala [ green chillis ,Onions, garlic, ginger, rai, jeera, turmeric, kadipatta, coriander can be used in small quantities. ]
9. Toor dal  , chana dal , urad dal, peanuts , maida besan [ moong dal masoor dal , can be used.]
10. Pineapple , chickoo, papaya , bananas ,[ ripped  mango in summer only. ]
11. Milk shakes , milk , fruit salads after eating fresh fruits for half an hour .
12. Fresh Fruits , Fruit juice after drinking milk  for half an hour .
13. Mixed fruit juice take only fresh juice of single fruit at a time.
14. Tobacco , alcohol
15 Jams , Preserved juices or tinned food , cold drinks ,icecreams , sauces , fast foods etc..
16. dry fruits [ almonds and dry grapes in small quantities. ]


  1. some say Onions, garlic, ginger, rai, jeera, turmeric are good for psoriasis kindly advise.

    1. I advise to avoid tomatoes, Brinjal, curd and all gluten contained vegetables, of course all non veg. which increases itching and redness. Keep your skin dry for whole day use medicated soap like dermadew and apply any antibiotic skin ointment or moisturizer in night.
      sambar is most culprit.

  2. According to this list nothing has left to eat on this planet.

  3. Now a days, I'm taking Moong daal and chapati only.
    Turmeric, Jeera, Dhaniya powder, Green chilli and onion i use in making daal. Is this diet fine?

    Can i have black chana in my diet when i feel hungry.?