Wednesday, 10 February 2016


                              INSOMNIA REMEDIES

  1. Take sesame oil and bottle gourd juice in equal quantities and massage this mixture on your scalp every night. 
  2. Hot formentations are also a proven home remedies for insomnia
  3. Drink a cup of milk with some honey. 
  4. Another best home remedy to treat insomnia is drinking milk extracted from poppy seeds. Drink this milk every day after having your dinner and you will be able to treat insomnia quite easily
  5. Mash a ripe banana and mix roasted cumin seeds into it and have it before going to bed. 
  6. Eat three cups of curd everyday
  7. Consuming salad of raw onions can also effectively solve the problem of sleeplessness
  8. Drink fresh juice made up of valerian and drink it before going to bed
  9. Add lettuce seeds in boiled water and drink it to treat sleeplessness

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