Sunday, 10 April 2011



One of the sixteen "Sanskar" (rituals) which described in Ancient Indian Scriptural, to lick Gold to the child is originally called "Swarnaprashana" .

Swarnaprashana is a mixture of Gold, such nice herbs, cow ghee and honey administer in specific time i.e Pushya Nakshatra .
Swarnaprashana is given to newborn babies till sixteenth years of his age .
Any one can get benefits of it by starting any time up to sixteen years of age .
Six months of regular usage of Swarnaprashana make child very intelligent, and he can remember all that he has heard , i.e Improves memory and intelligence .

Benefits of Swarnaprashana :-
Improves Intelligence.
Improves Immunity .
Prevents Fungal , Bacterial & viral Infections .
Digestive Power .
Physical Strength .

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