Saturday, 5 March 2016

Balancing Vata Dosha

Balancing Vata 

1. Vata is dry and airy. You might find yourself “up” and stimulated. Windy. Oil helps tether you back to earth. Put sesame oil, or olive oil, on your back and on your feet. While massaging the oil into your feet, put pressure in the center right under the ball of the toes (Can be calming during a panic attack.) You can also oil and massage the top of your head, or your forehead and temples to settle the monkey mind.

2. Avoid sugar, caffeine, carbonation, cold/raw or frozen foods when you are trying to pacify vata. Vata likes salt, sour, sweet, oily and warm. Warm soups are nice! A substancial breakfast, oatmeal, for instance is good for settling anxiety. Sweet fruits are good. Drink warm water instead of ice water. 

3. Sit and come forward onto your lap. Bend at the hips so your weight is not being carrying by your back. Do child’s pose. Stand and let your upper body hang from the hips. Downward facing dog. Forward bends settle anxiety. Hold poses longer when trying to pacify vata. Flowing yoga classes are not good for vata.
4. Drink warm milk with honey and saffron. Put a hot water bottle on your feet. Take a warm bath. Cold aggravates vata, warm pacifies it.All of these are helpful things to do at night before bed, so that vata aggravation doesn’t keep you up at night as it can tend to do!

5. Do yogic breathing ( Pranayama). Taking time each day to breathe helps settle your nervous system. Which is exactly what we need to do! There are many types of yogic breathing, but my favorite for anxiety is alternate nostril breathing. This incorporates the right and left brain settling the aggravation and smoothing them into sync. Meditating, eating, exercising at the same times from one day to the next, can have immeasurable good effects on health. Wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day. If routine is all you change, you will feel a difference in mood and overall health.

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