Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ama - Toxin Buildup In Body

 Ama Symptoms

1. You wake up tired even after a good nights sleep.
2. You feel lethargic
3. Your tongue is coated especially upon awaking in the morning
4. You don't feel real hunger even when you haven't eaten for hours
5. You have generalized aches and pains. They often are noticed the day after eating certain heavy foods, like meat, cheeses, desserts and fried foods
6. You lack mental clarity and energy
7. You have a sense of heaviness in the abdomen, legs or body as a whole
8. You feel weary and unenthusiastic
9. You experience frequent indigestion like gas bloating and or heartburn
10. You feel blocked anywhere in the body, including constipation, sinus congestion and difficulty breathing.

 Ama  Free Symptoms

1. You feel fresh, rested and even blissful upon awakening in the morning
2. Your skin has a healthy glow
3. Your tongue is pink and clear
4. Your body feels light, regardless of your weight
5. Aches and pains are disappearing
6. You do not feel bloated or heavy in the abdomen
7. You feel energetic during the day
8. You feel enthusiastic
9. Your mind is clear

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